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Has Botox Met Its Match?

Botox’s first competition, Dysport, has been approved and is nearing availability in the U.S. later this summer. Dr. Nina Naidu, Upper East Side board-certified plastic surgeon, offered HOTB her take on this. Sadly, however, she didn’t spill any dirt on her celeb clients.

Will you be using Dysport on your patients?

I am interested in learning more. While Dysport contains a functional ingredient similar to that found in Botox, the dosing requirements will be different, and I suspect that there will be a learning curve with this new medication. The distributing company, Medicis, has reported that Dysport will be available in the next 30-60 days.

Do you think Dysport will be embraced by your peers?

We are all hoping that it offers a viable alternative to Botox so that prices will be more competitive. Medicis has not yet announced a price point, but for those of us who use a significant amount of Botox this will be an important issue.

Considering Bloomberg news service reported that nearly 2.5 million Americans had Botox injections in 2008 for cosmetic reasons, a potentially cheaper version of Botox is big news for many. Celebrities in particular, since they are those who use “a significant amount of Botox” that Dr. Naidu was refering to.

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