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Curly Qs

Highlights can add depth and dimension to curly hair, but curly-haired girls have to take extra care when getting highlights.

“When highlighting curly hair, you have to make the color a touch more dramatic because you never know which hair is going to entwine with each other; the color has to be seen,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan to

If you also wear your curly locks straight, Hazan says to visit a professional: “You don’t want the highlights to look overly dramatic when hair is straightened—it has to work both ways.”

“Every curly-haired person who gets her hair colored is going to have a problem with frizz—the two kind of go hand in hand,” says Hazan.

Celeb stylist Christo agrees. “If you have curly and color-treated hair, you’ll want to condition more.” He recommends his custom-blended Colorective shampoo and conditioner, which comes in red, dark brown, medium brown, black and blonde formulations.

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