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Au Naturale

While at Gloss getting a mani/pedi yesterday, I caught up on a back issue of Allure magazine that featured a column by hairstylist to the stars, Chris McMillan. It was about salons going green by adding solar panels, air-circulation systems to cut down on AC, and by using more products made with recycled packaging.

Chris also discussed creating hairstyles without the use of blow dryers and heat appliances because it’s more environmentally friendly and ends up looking less fussy and more sexy.

For all hair types, he suggests getting a great cut first and foremost. Then on damp hair, dab a bit of cream or pomade, work hair into shape, and let air dry.

For curly hair, Chris says: The trick is to play up your wild texture. Shampoo your hair only once a week; on the other days, just rinse it with water. Don’t towel-dry, blow-dry, comb or brush your hair–these will make it frizzy. Instead, work a quarter-size dab of styling lotion (less if hair is short) through damp hair, and air dry. This will create soft, shiny ringlets.

Interesting advice. I agree with all of it, except if you don’t ever comb your super curly hair, won’t you eventually end up with dreads?

For wavy haired girls, Chris says to get yourself a good layered cut because it encourages the shape of your curls, making them flick out in different directions, reducing puffiness, and making hair look thicker overall. He also suggests scrunching one to two palmfuls of medium-hold mousse through your hair from ends to roots. And then leave it alone! That is the key, apparently, to having that glorious beachy texture.

Straight hair girls are screwed and should just plug in their hairdryer and make a solemn promise to recycle everything else.

Just kidding.

For straight haired girls, Chris recommends a long-layered cut, using a thickening spray on damp hair and then air-drying. For super straight, fine hair, he says to sprinkle baby powder at the roots after hair is dry, combing it through, putting hair back into an elastic at the nape of the neck, and twisting it into a bun.

To get those expert layers Chris was talking about, you could always go to the best and book an appointment at his salon: Chris McMillan The Salon in Beverly Hills.

And take me with you!