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Boyfriend Reviews


As promised, my boyfriend tested out Jonathan Product Green Rootine Pure Paste for all my lovely HOTB readers. Here’s the lowdown, straight from the boy: “I’ve been using Green Rootine Pure Paste for about a week and I really like it so far. I hate it when you can “feel” product in your hair all day long. That kind of grosses me out. This one you can feel for an hour or so and then it goes away. Must be the natural ingredients. It smells great (like Key Lime pie!) and is very soft (like cake frosting!). OK, enough with the food references. The product holds up great in may hair. I think it sets a good foundation for the day where I know my hair will be under control and not overly messy. I like the natural messy look, especially when my hair gets longer, but the Green Rootine Pure Paste keeps it under control and shiny. I am curious to see how it does when my hair gets even longer but for now, thumbs up Jonathan!”