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Soul Survivor

I watched the final episode of Making The Band while running on the treadmill today.

I witnessed the end of Danity Kane.


The scene where Dawn Richard is crying to Que about being the sole remaining member of Danity Kane… Sad, you guys! I’m pretty sure that was genuine emotion. I’m not totally sure since it is MTV, and I think they have rules against that sort of thing. Unless, of course, it’s the Duel and CT is trying to murder someone. Murderous rage is OK.

Anyway, she could use that scene in her acting reel. It was that good.

At the end of the episode when she did the King magazine photo shoot she looked very pretty. But the photos turned out kind of skanky.*

Just sayin’.

And this is super random: She has a line of comic books coming out, Danity Kane Comics.

(Because I’m sure there’s a huge demand for failed pop star related comic books.)

Dawn says, “I’m so proud of it. My brother and I, we just hustled and got it together. It’s Sex and the City meets Sin City, a story about a singer who gets sent to Earth to save the world, because she has the key to unlock Earth’s finest treasure. But there’s a villain in all of this, and he wants to use her voice for the wrong purposes. So it’s the battle between good and evil but with a sexy twist, because it’s a girl who kicks ass and takes names—and looks sexy while doing it.”

A “villain who wants to use her voice for all the wrong reasons”?

It’s totally a tell-all about Puff!

* This is by far the least skank of the bunch and still semi-skank.


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