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No-Poo On The Cheap

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to save money lately. I know, I know, nothing new here! Everyone has been.

I am curious, my dear HOTB readers, what’s your favorite beauty on a budget hair product?

I’m sure there are some amazing drugstore hair products out there that we should all know about… So let me know what I should review on HOTB in the future!

I will start with a product I have discussed before: Vo5 Herbal Escapes Hair Conditioner. I use it every time I “wash” my hair with my no-poo routine. And it is diiiirt cheap, like $1.25 a bottle! Amazing!

Here is what I do: When I first get in the shower, before I do anything else, I wet my hair really well and I apply a lot of conditioner and kind of “shampoo” with it. Rubbing it into my scalp really well, but also massaging it throughout my hair. Then I just let it sit on my hair while I wash, shave, etc. And then I rinse it out reeeaaalllly well with semi-cool water, as cool as you can handle. Then I apply a little more conditioner, like you’re conditioning your hair as normal. Then rinse it out, but not for too long. You don’t want to strip your hair at this point.

Voila! No-poo routine complete. And on the super cheap. In fact, cheap conditioner like Vo5 Herbal Escapes actually works better for no-poo than the more expensive stuff.

Although, if your hair is feeling particularly dried out, I do recommend using a more hydrating conditioner for the actual conditioning portion and just use the Vo5 for the “washing” part. But honestly you shouldn’t have to do that too much, because cleansing your hair this way really does help keep it more naturally moisturized.

Let me know how it goes! And don’t forget to recommed your favorite drugstore cheapies. ūüôā


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