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Mountain And A Molehill

By now you all know I’m a reality TV whore. So no big surprise that I’m totally addicted to The Real Housewives of New York. In fact they’re my favorite Real Housewives of Anywhere.

Even though I live in Southern California, I find the OC ridiculous. Atlanta is OK, but I just can’t relate to NBA/NFL wives.

RHoNY is weirdly relatable even though I will never have the kind of money those women toss around–although I do have a kiddie pool out back and a fake title! (You can hereby call me Princess HOTB.)

My favorite person on RHoNY is Bethenny. I love her and love her relationship with Jill.

And how cute was Bethenny with her hair stylist Francky last night? I kinda hope they do get married and have babies. I believe she can have it all, but it may not end up looking like the traditional version of a happily ever after. But who says it has to?

Anyway. Francky L’Official is artistic director at Franky L’Official salon in New York. Bethenny’s cut and color looked great, and Francky seemed like the perfect stylist. Especially since he set her up with a totally hot French model.

I hope she gave him a big tip.

Also, for all of you on Twitter, follow him here. He tweets!

And I cannot conclude this post without at least mentioning the disaster that was Kelly Killoren Bensimon last night and that she’s from ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS. MY FREAKING HOMETOWN! Whenever she’s on screen acting like she’s so aaaaamazing and was conceived between two pages of French Vogue I have to laugh and wonder if she went to Guilford High School? Or East? Hahahahahaha.

Ok. Ahem. Composing myself.

From :

Kelly: Have you ever heard of a mountain and a molehill?
Bethenny: [Pauses, tries a little bit not to make an is-this-actually-happening face] Making a mountain out of a molehill?
Kelly: Okay, that is what you are doing right now. I’ve never been attacked before and I was really insulted.
Bethenny: You think I didn’t feel attacked?
Kelly: No, but you’re talking about your boyfriend and you’re this, and you’re that, and you think I’m high.
Bethenny: What? I never said you were high.
Kelly: You just said that two seconds ago.
Bethenny : I never said you were high.

So. Totally. High.


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