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Monday Hair Desperation

Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, shopped on Bond Street in London wearing a space-ish outfit that actually included a skirt. (All her no-pants must have been at the cleaners.)

L. Gag. insists she’ll be single forever because she’s too selfish for love.

“My personal life just doesn’t fulfill me the same way that it fulfills other people,” she says. “I’m quite bossy.

“I’m quite a good girlfriend. I like to cook and I’m very sweet and I like to take care of people, but the truth is that when I wake up in the morning for the rest of my life the first thing I think about will never be another person.”

Um, Stefani Germanotta? I’ve got news for you. People in relationships past the six-month mark don’t think about each other every morning. They think about work or their kids or how badly they have to pee.

Anyway, whatever.

I think she’s trying too hard to cultivate this whole persona, which includes saying all these craaazay quotes.

I was over it before it began. Can she go away now?


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