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Marini Lash Final Review

I started using  Marini Lash back on February 13 of this year, so with well over two months of use, I wanted to check in with my lovely HOTB readers and give my final review.

Marini Lash is an eyelash conditioner, which is based on proprietary peptide that when combined with other essential factors, produces extraordinary eyelash and brow enhancement.

You simply apply the product on clean eyelashes and brows with a small applicator brush. It gets four stars for ease of use, although I did forget to use it some nights simply because I was overly tired and wasn’t part of my usual routine.

As I have previously stated, my eyelashes are fairly long, but a little spars, and my brows are a bit thin too. I used Marini Lash on both my eyelashes and brows. I noticed the biggest transformation in the length of my lashes.

Sometimes when I am wearing my sunglasses these days, I notice my eyelashes push against the lenses! It’s crazy. My lashes are a little thicker as well, but the main thing for me has been the length. My brows have filled in a bit too, but I don’t think I was thorough enough with the application on my brows.

I think it’s necessary to note that I still have product left in my tube of Marini Lash after about two and a half months, so either I was not using enough product with each application, or there is plenty of product in one tube! That’s a good thing, actually, since it is on the pricey side.

[EDIT: I spoke with the Jan Marini peeps and they informed me that a tube of Marini Lash is a six month supply of the product! So I am not even halfway through.]

If you’re looking for longer lashes, and a product that really delivers, check out Marini Lash .

My final review on Marini Hair is still pending. So be on the lookout for that!


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