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Lauren, I Love You

The Hills resumed for its final season this week–or at least it’s final season with LC.

Which means its final season with me watching because after Lauren leaves, that show is dead to me. Lauren Conrad IS The Hills in my opinion. And with her gone and Audrina off to do her own reality show (goodlord) who would even be left… Actually, don’t answer that.

Watching The Hills this week made me realize how awesome it is and how boring The City was.

We all know these shows are totally scripted and fake. We ALL KNOW the storylines they feed us aren’t really what’s going on in their real lives. In fact, all you have to do is read a gossip mag or browse the Internet to see the stories don’t remotely match up. Like a supposed romance between Brody and LC this season? Please. Everyone knows she’s dating some dude from some TV show I’ve never heard of.

But somehow with all the faux storylines, it’s still totally riveting television. I guess I’m waiting to see them break scene, waiting to see some scrap of real emotion eek out between them. I mean, these are real people, right? Dealing with somewhat real events… Was that a real tear we saw Lauren drunkenly shed over Heidi at her (kinda lame) birthday party?

And Lauren herself is sort of an odd leading woman. She has that Jennifer Aniston quality–you root for Lauren (and to a lesser degree these days Jennifer) because they’re, well, kinda like you. They’re relatable in a way that none of those other girls on The Hills really are.

Lauren still occasionally chooses the wrong shade of lipstick, gets used by shady friends, and loses her clothing line. I mean really, who hasn’t had that happen?

She’s pretty tragic. And that’s exactly what I love in a celebrity.


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