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It's Maybelline

I currently have a giveaway going for Maybelline’s new Lash Stiletto mascara, so I thought I better try it out myself and report back! (By the way, the giveaway is open for the rest of the week, so leave me a comment if you want a free tube of Maybelline’s new Lash Stiletto mascara!)

So yesterday I decided to test out Lash Stiletto mascara, and since I have brilliant timing, I gave it a whirl right as I was heading to the gym. I didn’t even curl my eyelashes; I just applied it to my bare, straight lashes. Amazingly though, it didn’t clump. It applied in a smooth, even coat, and my lashes looked black and glossy. It was a pretty and natural affect. I only applied one coat, and I think it would have looked more dramatic and mascara-y if I had applied more and curled my lashes.

The really amazing aspect of Lash Stiletto is its stay put ability. I applied a coat to my lower lash line and believe it or not, after a three and a half mile run, no smudges! I typically have to use a waterproof mascara to get my mascara to stay put, and even then sometimes I still windup looking like a raccoon! So I was very impressed with Lash Stiletto ability to sit still.

If you want to try it for yourself for free, enter my giveaway!

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