Speaking of weird hair tools, check this sucker out!

This innovative hand shaped diffuser creates softer, shinier, healthier, frizz-free hair utilizing 360 degree air flow, gently drying your curls from the inside out.

You can purchase just the DevaFuser Kit, which includes a universal adapter that fits 99% of all dryers and is only $34.95.

Or you can spring for the DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser, which dries curls gently without overheating. It delivers six times more negative ions to create softer, healthier, shinier, frizz-free hair. The DevaFuser’s 360 degree diffused air flow dries curls quickly and gently, without disturbing the natural curl pattern.

The only downside is that the dryer is $185.00, which is not as expensive as some dryers I have seen, but it is up there.

I’m not blessed with curly hair, but for you lucky HOTB readers out there, this might be a great tool for your tresses.

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