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Threading Success

So, I continued to be too lazy to go all the way over to Beverly Hills to get my eyebrows threaded today, but thanks to Yelp, I realized Gloss in Silver Lake does eyebrow threading too. Gloss is my spot for manicures, along with Fancy Nails in Los Feliz, when I can get in! But the reviews on Yelp seemed to indicate the threading at Gloss was pretty good, so I figured it was worth a shot. And I was really glad I tried it. Threading was less painful than waxing and faster too. And I was not all red and bumpy afterwards. My brows look great! The only downside is that Gloss charges $17, and other LA threading places charge less, I have heard, but the upside is that fancy salons charge way for for waxing which always breaks my skin out like crazy…¬† And the results of threading are good.

Have you guys tried treading?


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