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Public Service Announcement!

Natures-Gate-Organics-Volumizing-ConditionerI have a very serious Public Service Announcement for all readers! I used the world’s worst conditioner yesterday. Like, whoa. It was freaking awful. The offender?Nature’s Gate Organics Volumizing Conditioner in Lemongrass & Clary Sage.

Seriously. I have tried many, many conditioners in my days on this earth, and this stuff was totally the worst! It left my hair SO dry that I could not comb it after I got out of the shower. I had to put a deep conditioning mask on and let it soak over night. As soon as I put the offending conditioner on, I could tell something was not right. My hair immediately felt awful–like I’d spent 24-hours soaking in a chlorine pool or something. Yuck. I really like the idea of using more organic beauty products, but not if they totally suck.

Have you guys had any good experiences with organic hair products? Any that you can recommend?


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