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Itty Bitty Claws

I am currently obsessed with those itty bitty claws clips from Goody… I’m not sure why. They’re just so cute. And so tiny.

You can use them to pin your bangs back or twist back side pieces of your hair, ala girls from The City.

Actually, I watched an entire episode of that show last night. I was weirdly enthralled. I mean, it was so, so, so fake–the single glycerin tear slipping down Erin’s face after her faux breakup with her boyfriend…

But I found myself wondering about them. There were pictures of Erin as a little kid behind her during that breakup scene. Was her dad a rock star or something? Is that why she has so much money? Is her boyfriend in a band? Cause otherwise I don’t see her dating such a dork. (Also, JR is kind of hot.)

GAH! See? I’m thinking way too much about this.

And it gets worse. I was absolutely OBSESSED with Allie. She looks like dying. Dyyyyying. And I loved how she wore red eyeshadow during that coffee shop scene, like she wanted to enhance the whole I-have-a-terminal-illness look. And she was being such a horrible bitch to her equally awful boyfriend. What terrible people!

I don’t think that can be faked. That shit is real.

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