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Kill Me!

Why oh why am I on Kim Kardasian’s official web page?

God help the girl who is funemployed.


Actually, I read it so you don’t have to! I do it all for you!

Um. Why all the exclamation marks?

I! think! I! have! been! affected! by! Kim’s! writing! style!

See exhibit A:

I know you all have waited so patiently for another makeup blog… Well, Stephen and I filmed one for E News!

They loved the one we did here on my website so we did one for E! It should come on this week and we will post here as soon as we get it!

The look we did was my new fresh-everyday look. It’s not super-heavy, but it capitalizes on a great eyeliner to give a little definition without looking too made up during the day!

I really have started wearing less makeup and am loving it!

The main necessities for this makeup blog is the very light eye shadows. We did gray tones, but in super-light colors!

We did a beige lid with a light-gray in the crease!

I promise as soon as we get the footage from E!, it will be posted here on my site! Check out these pictures as a sneak preview!

Jesusgod. I’m not making this stuff up, kids.

Anyway. She does have some advice about hair, but it’s pretty basic:

She doesn’t curl her own hair because she sucks at it. She uses volumizing products. She teases it at the crown. (For! volume!) And she regularly changes up her shampoo/conditioner routine.


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