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74% of Women Notice Hair First

Emerson Salon is talking about a new study that shows 74% of women said hair is one of the first things they notice on men. And 44% of women 18-24 said they were unlikely to date a man with bad hair.

According to the survey:
Girls Care about Guys’ Hair
  • Nearly three out of four (74%) girls agree that hair is one of the first things they notice about a guy.
  • Ninety percent of girls admit they are at least somewhat likely to go out with a guy if he has good hair.
Girls Wish Guys Would Do a Better Job Washing and Styling Their Hair, and Guys Have No Idea
  • Four in five girls (80%) wish guys would wash their hair more often – but 86% of guys say they wash their hair often enough.
  • Most girls (72%) think guys do not know how to style their hair to its full potential – but 85% of guys think their hair is pretty good.
So what’s a guy to do?
Make an appointment with a professional stylist, and do whatever he or she says! Go in for regular cuts and use the products they recommend. Also. Wash your damn hair! 😉

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