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Taylor Makes a Change

What do you do after a break up? Why, change your hair, of course!

Celebs are no different. Taylor Swift is all over the place lately singing and dishing on her break up with my favorite Jonas, Joe.

So it’s only natural that she’d make a change to her hair. Actually, the way she’s handling the whole thing, I’m kind of surprised she opted for a straightening iron and low-lights and didn’t grab the nearest electric razor a la Britney Spears instead.

I’m digging the new look, though, I always hated her spiral curls. So country-fried and dated. She looks so much cooler with the sleek, darker hair.

So good luck, Taylor! I know it hurts like hell, but you need a boy who puts out anyway. I mean, purity rings? Really?

Update (1/17/09):

Taylor goes dark for CSI…

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