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Stuff That SUCKS

I love to write about all the great hair products out there, but there is also some stuff that sounds really great, but actually sucks. I know you lovelies are looking to save your pennies for the good stuff, so I’m going to make this a regular feature.

Our first installment: Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment. This seemed like such a great idea… No color, just a treatment to add shiny gloss to your hair. And somehow it would make you happy too. Dope. But you know what they say when something sounds too good to be true. If you check the ingredients, Shine Happy actually has peroxide in it, so it is really stripping your hair and in fact can lighten the color of your hair. Stripping color + damaging = NO Shine Unhappy. Save your money and buy a good deep conditioner instead.

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