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Holiday Hair

Tis the season to attend work-related holiday parties. Depending on your workplace, these events can range from snoozeville to drama central. Regardless, you’ll want to spruce up your typical office attire with a little sparkle. (And then tie on a few spiked eggnogs.)

Colette Malouf’s amazing hair accessories are guaranteed to make any outfit fab. The hair comb shown above is easy to toss in after a long day of work.

Simply twist your hair from the bottom up, bend the ends in and under the twist, tuck the ends into the twist, insert the comb into the surface of the twist, push the comb in the same direction of the twist, and push it in.

That’s it! Pull out a few curls or wisps of hair for a messier style as shown above, and spray lightly with hairspray. Simple and gorgeous.

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