Curly Girl Tips

For katie, some curly girl tips! (courtesy of Marie Claire):

Deep-condition hair at least once a week and stick to minimal shampooing, as previously discussed. If you do shampoo, always use a gentle shampoo just on your roots and leave out the ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair while still in the shower.

Naturally curly hair sucks up moisture, so stick with a great, emollient leave-in conditioner. Mix it with a little anti-frizz and run it through wet hair with a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Allow hair to air-dry, or use a diffuser on a low heat to dry hair partially, letting it air dry the rest of the way for smooth, well-behaved curls.

To style, grab a large-barreled curling iron and wrap different sized sections (1-3 inches) around the iron loosely. The heat will help cut down on the frizz. Don’t do your entire head, just a few pieces. Then, flip your head over and spray lightly with hairspray.

If you want your curls to look more polished, you can wrap up sections of your hair in hot rollers and mist with a setting spray. Then, remove the hot rollers from the back of your head after two minutes. Then, take out the rest of the rollers after five minutes. Spritz with shine spray and you’re done.

Also, don’t forget to deep-condition at least once a week!

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