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Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2008 (Part 2)

In round one of Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2008, we covered everyone from Rihanna to Leighton Meester. But who made it onto Part 2?

5) Anne Hathaway has been looking ridiculously good ever since she dropped that Italian crook. The “lob”  (long bob) really suits her.

4) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens tie for totally adorable hairstyles. I wonder who will be in rehab first…

3) What’s with all these brunettes? My favorite hair color is red, obviously, so I had to add Amy Adams to the list. Her color is gorgeous and this feather accessory is super chic too.

2) How could the vampire with the hair (Robert Pattinson) not make it onto this list? I mean, his hair is kind of amazing.

1) Ok, so Britney Spears’ hair isn’t exactly amazing, but she gets a spot on this list because she’s made such a remarkable comeback (thanks to boatloads of meds, but still!) Let’s all remember she was totally bald not that long ago.