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Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2008 (Part 1)

Whose hair looked the best this year?

10) It’s no secret that I love Rihanna’s short ‘do. It’s sexy and fun. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t try extensions in ’09.

9) Ok, so Katie Holmes is creepy. She’s always smirking like she knows something we don’t… Maybe that an evil alien ruler Xenu killed aliens from around the universe by bringing them to earth and blowing them up inside volcanoes? And that the souls of those aliens have attached themselves to humans and cause many of our mental and physical ills? Or maybe she’s just happy! Either way, her hair is pretty hot.

8) A perfect blonde is difficult to achieve. I wonder who’s Charlize Theron’s colorist? It’s flawless.

7) Nothing tops shiny, healthy looking hair. Lucy Liu’s glossy black hair always looks immaculate.

6) Leighton Meester’s hair is beautiful, but she made it onto this list thanks to the amazing styling on Gossip Girl. All those barrettes and headbands! She always looks Upper East Side cool.

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