Baby, It's (Kinda) Cold Outside

A Midwestern girl at heart, this whole no-winter thing in L.A. is quite a trip. Don’t get me wrong, I really love not having to layer a million sweaters, jackets, boots, gloves, scarves, etc. just to step out the door, but a weird part of me misses the fashion aspect. I mean, I’ve collected some cute stuff over the years!

Thankfully, it gets a little chilly at night, so I can break out my pea coats and cute little hats and reminisce… without actually getting, you know, cold.

So, for your marginally cold days or nights, why not toss on a cute little knit hat like this one from H&M? The key to keeping it cute is wearing it a bit off your face and toward the back of your head – letting your bangs and the front of your hair come forward. Voila! Tres chic.

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